Drug & Alcohol Team

The Donnycarney Drug & Alcohol Team work with all service users regardless of their substance of choice to support them in their journey towards recovery and a more positive lifestyle. The majority of the participants attending DYP are in recovery from addiction and for many DYP is the first point of contact in addressing their addiction issues.

Profile of Target Group

The team works directly with drug and alcohol users at any stage in their addiction regardless of the substance of choice. The boundaries for the HSE Satellite clinic is the parish of Donnycarney, however in consultation with the DNEDTF, DYP offers services to anyone who presents from within the Dublin North East area.

We currently provide the following.

  • One to one support services
  • Key-working
  • Stabilisation Programme
  • Group Work
  • Housing Support
  • Drug Court urinalysis
  • Advocacy
  • Information/ Advice
  • Complementary Therapies/Auricular acupuncture
  • QQI Modules (Accredited Centre)
  • Family Support
  • SMART Recovery©
  • STEPS/ Pre-CE Courses
  • Methadone maintenance programme in conjunction with the HSE Satellite Clinic
  • Health Promotion
  • CE Scheme
  • Sessional Counselling
  • DYP response – Poly drug use evening service (aimed at those who work during the day)
  • In conjunction with the youth work team- awareness & diversionary activities for locally identified young people at risk of drug use.
  • Referral Services
  • Multi-disciplinary Case Management
  • Promoting positive mental health groups

The Donnycarney Satellite clinic operated by the HSE and supported by the staff of the Donnycarney Drug & Alcohol Service takes place on Mondays between 2-3pm for those living in the locality. Clients on the clinic are referred to a local community pharmacy for dispensing. For further information please contact any of the Project workers below.

Our SMART Recovery© group is a science based addiction support group which uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Motivational interviewing techniques and tools to help participants in their journey to recovery. This group began as a pilot group at the end of November 2013 as part of the Community Detox through the DNEDTF. 4 staff are trained in SMART Recovery© and facilitate this group. Time of group – Thursday evening 6-8pm.

STEPS – (Steps to Excellence and personal success) offers an 8 week program of 2 days per week for 2 hours each day. This group aims to enable participants to grow personally and professionally through changing their attitudes and behaviours and raising aspiration, motivation and efficacy. This group is ran twice a year for 8 weeks.

Women’s Group:
Our women’s group runs for 12 week blocks. The aim of the group is to provide a space for women to come and engage in wellness workshops, promoting positive mental health and reducing stress. The women discuss and come up with topics for the following 12 weeks that they are interested in.

The project is currently responding to Cocaine Users/Poly Drug Users with one-to- one sessions including key-working, auricular acupuncture & counselling. It is open on a Tuesday and Thursday evening until 8.30pm. We operate the Reduce the Use Package as developed by SAOL and offer CBT, CRA and SMART Recovery© as well as Counselling services. DYP Response is open two evenings per week to facilitate those who are in employment or education and wish to avail of the service. The initiative includes:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic counselling
  • Key-working & care-planning
  • Auricular Acupuncture.
  • Group work (Relapse Prevention/SMART Recovery©)

We link with other projects, clinics and Statutory Agencies within the DNEDTF area to promote the service and engage potential referrals.

The drug team operates five days a week, including two late evenings on Tuesday and Thursdays until 8.30pm. In addition there is an out of hour’s telephone message service available.

We work with other agencies involved with the clients in order to manage their case more effectively.

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