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Another part of the Donnycarney Youth Project services is mainstream youth work. This is run usually run by local volunteers with the support of the youth workers and has 2 strands to it:

1. Recruitment and Training of Volunteers.

2. Support and Capacity Building in the mainstream Youth Clubs.

We are looking for volunteers so that we can start up the Monday night youth club which is mainly run by local volunteers. It caters for 11-14 year old boys and girls from the area. We also need volunteers to start up the Lets Have Fun Club for 7-11 years olds. Without the time given from volunteers these clubs can not exist. Training and Garda vetting must be completed before you can become a volunteer. Marie Holton runs the training for volunteers, its is free of charge and runs for eight weeks, it is an Introduction to Youth Work Course for new volunteers and runs 2 hours one night a week.

The content is listed below:
What is Youth work?
Undersatnding Teenagers
Roles and Responsibility of a Youth Leader
Communication Skills
Conflict and Conflict Resolution
Programme Planning and Evaluation
We are always looking for volunteers, if you are interseted ring Marie Holton on 8314985 or please fill out the Contact Form.

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Specific Service

  • Donnycarney Youth Service
    (Marie Holton - Senior Youth Worker)
    01 8314985
  • Drug Team
    (Greg - Senior Drugs Worker)
    01 8314985
  • CE Scheme
    (Vivette - CE Supervisor)
    01 8314985

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